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Endulge in many of our services today!


Delicious mani                                    $35

Sugar Rush mani                                $40

Sugar Baby mani                                $12

Sugar Daddy mani                              $25

Christian Louboutin mani                    $35​

ANC DIP ( natural nails)                                    $40

ANC DIP (W/ extensions)                         $45



Delicious pedi                                        $35
Detox pedi                                             $50

Sugar Rush pedi                                   $50
Sugar Baby pedi                                   $15
Sugar Daddy pedi                                 $35

Christian Louboutin pedi                       $45

Polish Change hands (w/ gel)                $15

Polish Change toes (w/ gel)                   $18 

Polish Change hands/toes(w/out gel)     $12 

French                                                 $5

Designs                                              $10+

Reflexology Massage              $1 per min.

Callus Eliminator Treatment                $5


Hair Removal / Waxing


Eye brow                                            $15

Upper lip                                             $8

Lower lip                                             $6

Chin                                                    $12

Neck                                                   $15

Arms (full)                                           $35

Under arms                                         $20

Side burns                                          $15

A La Carte


Delicious Pedicure



Our Delicious Pedi is the perfect choice if your feet are craving for some attention!Start with the nail prep, fruity sugar scrub, moisturizing mask, topped with a hot towel and gel polish of your choice. Just enough!





Sugar Rush Pedicure

Our Sugar Rush Pedi is the ultimate spa pedicure experience.Relaxing using a lavender heat therapy which soothes aching joints and muscles .Start off with a jelly soak , nail prep, sugar scrub,mask, massage , hot towel wrap,and topped off with a gel polish of your choice .A decadent treat for your feet!

Gel-X Full Set                                  $65+

Acrylic full set                                  $45+
Acrylic fills                                       $35+

Powder Gel full set                          $50+

Powder Gel fills                               $40+

Pink & White full set                        $60

Pink & White fills w/White                $45

Pink fills                                           $40

Liquid Gel full set                             $65

Liquid Gel fill                                    $55 

Sculpted Elegance                          $65+


Extras w/ Nail Enhancement


Soak off w/new set                           $5

Soak off w/out                                  $10

Cut down                                          $3

Replacements                                  $3+

Reshape                                           $5

Swarovski Coated Nails                  $100

( all 10 nails )


Nail Enhancements


Beauty Bar

Eyelash extensions (call for pricing)

Micro-Pigmentation (call for pricing)

Teeth whitening   -20 min.                  $85

                            -40 min.                  $145

                            -60 min.                  $199

Sugar Baby mani/pedi

A sweet treat for our little divas!Yummy sugar scrubs and masks applied after our nail prep.Polished to perfection!Its a full spa experience.( 10 years of age and younger )



Choose from a variety of the most elegant lacquers around.Indulge in a glass of champagne.Nail prep, we apply Loubi base coat enriched with nail hardener and vitamins, finally topped off with shiny Loubi gloss.Walk out with your red bottoms!

-25% more pigmented

-lasts up to 7 days,no chipping 

-dries fast



  Christian Louboutin 


Sugar Daddy mani/pedi



Begin with a warm foot soak, nail prep, exfoliating scrub,mask, and topped off with a hot towel wrap.Your choice of a shiny buff!